General FAQ

Q: Why doesn't your emojis look like the ones on my phone/tablet/laptop?

A: Every system uses a different set of emojis. You can think of them as fonts – they all have the same characters, but they look slightly different. Apple devices has theirs, Android devices has theirs, and so on. We would love to be able to offer every kind of emoji design imaginable, unfortunately most are proprietary and protected by copyright, so we are not allowed to. The emojis we use are open source and are therefore available for anyone to use.

Q: Why can't I find this one particular emoji that I really want?

A: We try to provide as many emojis as humanly possible for our products, but if you are missing one just let us know and we'll probably be able to make it available! Send an email to with your request and we'll do our best. 

Why does some of your emojis have funny names? Like, no-one calls [emoji x] that?

Different emojis are called all sorts of things all around the world. But did you know that all emojis have actual, established names, decided by the Unicode Consortium? Well, they do, and these are the names we use for all our products. Instead of trying to decide which "street name" we should use, this felt like the easier solution.